Management Succession

The effective organization is better than the sum of its people if it has systems for developing, advancing, and renewing important business and technical skills. We advise organizations on business strategy, organization strategy, management succession, and the development of key contributors by designing programs for recruitment, retention, skill and leadership training. 

Business Strategy

Business and organizational strategies must be in place before truly effective and successful human resources programs can be designed. Our consultants combine broad business and industry experience with advanced analytical skills and a sensitivity for how people must interact to accomplish strategies. 

Simply stated our objective is to understand markets in which our clients compete, then assist them to define, clarify, or implement business strategies with human resources programs. 

Organization Strategy

  • We believe the successful organization is established to serve its customers, efficiently move information, and enable teams to work together. Furthermore, business strategy, structure, and work processes must be closely integrated. We help create effective organizations by evaluating every process that supports business strategy. 
  • As an illustration, consider this conversion to a product line organization. Under a traditional vertical corporate structure, a manufacturer whose reputation is built around the 'product', finds itself twice as large and losing control of service. After looking at the business based on how customers needed to access the company, we suggested a realignment by product line, then implemented human resources programs to accelerate learning and reward the rapid deployment of changes. 

Staffing and Leadership

Think about any organization functioning without specialized talent. What about a manufacturer without the right number of engineers, or a high-tech firm without software developers, or a hospital without doctors? We approach staffing and leadership development the same way as with business strategy, compensation, and performance management systems. 

  • Competency Development can be in leadership, technical, and service areas. Once we know the business and organization strategy, we apply our skills in job engineering and development to identify core competencies essential to the viability of the organization. These competencies form the basis for all staffing and leadership development. 
  • Executive Search. Our ten-step process to research, identify, screen, and present executive, key contributor, and other hard-to-find skills, assures clients of the best possible candidates. 
    • Review the organization and job 
    • Develop job and candidate profiles 
    • Conduct research 
    • Identify and contact candidates 
    • Conduct pre-screening 
    • Verify backgrounds 
    • Present candidates 
    • Facilitate the interview process 
    • Assist with negotiations 
  • Strategic Changes to an organization by way of new ownership, leadership, products, or markets can place pressure on its ability to adapt. We advise executives on organization change strategies to blend with the business activity and form a planned approach to change where staffing, skill development, compensation, and related are anticipated ahead of need. All the while, we focus on retaining essential competencies. 
  • Ownership Succession of closely held organizations involves an orderly transfer of leadership and equity. We design jobs, organization structures, and incentive programs to facilitate effective transition.