Direct Search

This recruitment method is based on the direct approach of potential candidates and is used when the profile of the vacancy is very specific or particularly demanding, and it is anticipated that recruitment through advertisements would not yield a proper response from potential candidates. We never use advertisements. Executive search is also necessary when discretion about the vacancy is a mandatory requirement.

We use this technique typically for:

  • top and middle management positions;
  • highly specialized (technical) functions.

Different in Executive Search

Our approach in recruitment relies on the following principles: integrity, quality, objectivity, discretion, confidentiality and speed. These are the qualities that make our work truly professional. Whilst we are working on an assignment we become part of the client's organization.

Our aim is to help our client in achieving his goals through identifying and recruiting the best candidate for the vacancy. We assure him the successful completion of the assignment and grant him a six months guarantee for the appointed candidate.

We aim to go beyond simply offering our clients a recruitment service and offer them guidance and experience that will be of added value to their organization but also to the candidate.

Where do our clients and candidates see a real difference? We believe in at least three aspects:

· The time we devote to our candidates. We invest quite some time in our interviews: 2 to 3 hours for an interview is normal practice, 4 hours is by no means exceptional. Before being introduced to the client, a candidate will always have been interviewed by at least two different consultants, separately.

· Our thorough reference checks. A reference check consists of a series of live interviews (not by telephone) of people who know the candidate very well, because they are former bosses, peer colleagues, subordinates, clients or suppliers. Each interview takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours, and a complete reference check takes about 7 to 12 interviews, and is accomplished in one week (sometimes a few days more). Feedback is given to both client and candidate. The reference check is never performed without prior written permission from the candidate, and is strictly limited to the list of persons that have been agreed upon with the candidate.

· Our guarantee. We will replace the candidate leaving the company within six months after initial appointment. (The exact length of the guarantee period depends on country and specific contractual conditions with the Client.) And we will do that, whether the candidate resigns, or whether the employing company terminates the appointment, for whatever reason. There are only 3 exceptions to this guarantee:

1. if the original position of the candidate is changed so dramatically (or disappears during a restructuring) that the candidate cannot function anymore in the new position,

2. if the contract is terminated for health reasons and

3. if the candidate deceases.