The JOBMEAS system of evaluation provides a sophisticated, yet practical, and easy-to-understand technique for measuring the relative weight of positions in an organization. The system is recognized for its ability to be applied to virtually all jobs in all occupational categories in a manner which is equitable and reflective of the work values that both employers and employees have.

Most organizations will use the results of job evaluation for determining pay relationships among jobs, but the link between job evaluation and pay is not a necessity.


JOBMEAS uses a point-factor evaluation technique which is specifically designed to treat large numbers of positions equitably in the pay determination process. The system enables direct comparisons to be made among all jobs in quantitative terms in five broad areas of measurement (domains). The transposition in quantitative terms of the qualitative evaluations is made through guide charts, one for each domain.

JOBMEAS is the product of over 20 years of research, application, and updating. The factors, or broad areas of measurement, reflect modern thought in job engineering, recruitment, and management and employee value systems. JOBMEAS is designed to be a management tool; one that consistently facilitates pay determination decisions with regard to the mission, philosophy, and needs of the organization.

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