Quality of Worklife

A common dilemma for executives is to balance the need for high levels of productivity with diversity, stability, and satisfaction in the work setting. Successful executives believe their people sense the gap between how the company is and how it should be functioning. Our approach is to introduce processes that convert employee frustration and stress into energy and growth. 

Survey-Guided Improvement

  • Measuring culture in an organization is best accomplished with an employee opinion survey. The survey and related processes provides insight and understanding on employee values for working, communications, work processes, pay and benefits, and identification with the organization. Employees' perceptions enable improvements in work climate and efficiency. 
  • The Values Survey is our specialty. By understanding employees' values for working, we can advise executives on the most successful improvements, systems, and programs. As an illustration, consider the high-tech employer who sensed that incentive programs had no effect on team and individual performance. After learning about employees' values, the incentive plan was redesigned to allow rewards in an array of forms, from cash, to day time off for school, to structured holidays, to stock. 

Employee Communications

  • We design strategies, processes, and programs for communication with employees on matters ranging from total compensation to policies, programs, or activities within the organization that affect employee relations. We also design communications to support our systems. 


Performance Measurement

High-performance workplaces are viewed by executives as important to vitalizing the work force and developing a competitive edge. As the high-performing work team becomes more of a reality than a dream, new approaches to managing and measuring performance must follow. 

GHR Partners designs productivity improvement programs, performance management and measurement systems, and information systems to monitor accomplishments at all levels – organizational, product line or business unit, work team, and individual employee. 

Productivity Improvement

What value-added is needed per dollar of labor cost to sustain successful business operations ? The answer to this question not only supports business planning, but also provides a basis for measuring and rewarding improvement. 

Our Productivity Indicator Model (PIM) first assesses the return received by the organization per employee and dollar of labor cost by linking output in relative units of service to a value-added measure. The return on labor and dollars is then compared to similar information from other successful organizations, from which targets can be derived and incentive plans developed. In addition to the productivity targets, PIM provides support to topics such as optimal job design, skill development ladders, staffing levels and mix, and optimum work schedules. 

Performance Measurement

  • Performance management systems have always enjoyed a love-hate relationship with organizations. We have found the leading contributors to effective programs to be 360O feedback and acknowledgment of the things learned and work done well. We work with employers to design systems from the inside – with their staff – and measure the right things in ways that enhance satisfaction. 
  • The Learning Environment is a performance measurement model that essentially a mechanism for recognizing employees who have enhanced or improved their skills during the business cycle. Our clients who accept the saying that “a learning employee is a performing employee”, have found a positive link between this form of review and the satisfaction with rewards and recognition. They have also made the transition to high-performance work teams. 
  • Managing for Results is a leadership system that links business plan, corporate culture, and the reward system to the accomplishment of results, and development of skills. 
  • Performance Tracker is a simplified approach to performance management that focuses on a select few positive accomplishments, job learning, and team work. 


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